Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Global Business Journalism Program

About the Program

Q:What is the Global Business Journalism Program?

A:GBJ is an English-language master’s program offered by Tsinghua University that is designed to equip students with a wide variety of skills and knowledge critical to success in the expanding field of business journalism worldwide.

The program, created in 2007, is a partnership between Tsinghua University, China's top institution of higher education, the International Center for Journalists, a respected organization known for high-quality journalism training around the world, and Bloomberg News, the world's leading source of business and financial news.

Q:How long does it take to get your GBJ degree?

A:GBJ is a two-year full-time program that combines knowledge studies with practical internship experiences, and it is offered at the Tsinghua School of Journalism and Communication in Beijing, China.

Q:How difficult is the program?

A:The program is designed to challenge smart students from around the world. You are not required to have a background in English news writing or economics to enter the program, but you are expected to master English writing, both academic and journalistic, and to gain a solid knowledge of business and economics during your stay at Tsinghua.

Q:How many students are in the program?

A:About 100. There are approximately 20 international students and 20 Chinese students enrolled in the program each year. For international students, it is a two-year program. For Chinese students, it is a three-year commitment.

Q:Will I get a job easily after I graduate?

A:No college degree ever can guarantee you a job, but your graduates have been exceptionally successful in journalism, new media, technology, finance, public relations, NGOs, and government jobs. Our alumni network is ready to assist new graduates in their efforts to land exciting jobs.

Q:What resources does the school have?

A:Tsinghua has a state of the art "Future Media Lab," and Global Business Journalism benefits from our Bloomberg News Lab in the Tsinghua School of Journalism and Communication. Ten Bloomberg terminals are available to our students free of charge. GBJ students also can borrow the latest equipment from the journalism school.

In addition to modern equipment, students are able to network with key influencers in the journalism field and are mentored by world-class faculty. Bloomberg News offers training, internships, mentorships, and a lecture series.

Campus Life

Q:Where do GBJ students live?

A:Most of our students live on campus in the Zijing dormitory. A few students choose to live off-campus.

Q:What is most distinctive about life in Beijing?

A:If you did not grow up in China, you will be immersed in Chinese culture during your stay at Tsinghua. Our students do not live in an international-community "bubble." Be ready to learn new things and delve into a different and distinctive culture. Beijing is a huge city. For non-Chinese students, that generally means that you should get ready for large crowds, busy subways, and a fast pace of life. Plus great food and exciting tourist opportunities.

Q:What should I do if I have questions?

A:Just email tsjcws@tsinghua.edu.cn. We will quickly get back to you!