ZHOU Qingan

ZHOU Qingan

  • BA, MA, Ph.D. (Tsinghua University)

  • Professor & Dean

  • Professor of Public Diplomacy and Global Communications

Research Interests

Public Diplomacy, Global Communications Theory, Comparative International Journalism


Public Diplomacy, Opinion and Editorial Writing


Dr. Zhou is a professor of Public Diplomacy and Global Communications and Director of Public Diplomacy Research Program, Research Fellow of Center for International Communications, Manage Director of Postgraduate Program, School of Journalism and Communications, Tsinghua University. Dr.Zhou got his BA, MA and PhD at Tsinghua across the departments of Chinese Literature to Communications Studies.

He is also the general secretary of the Global Communication and Non-traditional Security Forum which was found by CASS and Tsinghua University. He is the deputy editor of Public Diplomacy Quarterly ,which is the only academic magazine of public diplomacy in China. He was also the visiting scholar of Department of State, US, 2008.

His focus is on Research of Public Diplomacy and Global Communications, Media and Foreign Policy Making. In 2006, he finished his dissertation “Research on the Communication Mode of US Public Diplomacy after the Cold War. In 2002, he was a Visiting Fellow of Journalism and Media Study Center in Hong Kong University. In 2008, he became a member of Global Leading Visitors which was formed by Department of State, United States and specialized for Public Diplomacy Research.

His most recent publication includes Global Public Diplomacy Research , Author, March 2009, Tsinghua University Press; Soft Power and Global Communications, Co-authored with Li Xiguang, Tsinghua University Press, Beijing: 2005 ; Internet Journalism: An Introduction, Co-authored with Li Xiguang , Zhongguo sanxia Publishing House, Beijing: 2000.

He has published more than 20 essays in the academic journals and given speeches in meetings such as World Culture Forum by UNESCO, Asia-Pacific Symposium on Press and Scientific and Social Progress, International Conference on “Global Communications and Non-traditional Security ”.

Since 1999, he was invited to participate research projects on Global Communications and Public Diplomacy sponsored by the State Council Information Office of China. He was also invited to be the lecture of the training program for spokes person in China by the SCIO from 2003.

He was the director of feature desk for the Chinese International Herald Newspaper by Xinhua News Agency. Now he is also the columnist and editorial writer of New Beijing Times, Guangzhou Daily and Southern Metropolis Daily. He has published more than 500 editorials and columns .

He teaches courses in Tsinghua University, including: Public Diplomacy Research (M.A course, Autumn Semester) and Editorial and Opinion Writing(B.A course,Spring Semester)