5 assets that make Global Business Journalism a unique educational experience, from Prof. Kuang Kai


Professor Kuang Kai


Professor Kuang Kai is the director of international partnerships for the Tsinghua School of Journalism and Communication. She works to recruit top candidates from around the world for TSJC's graduate programs both in Chinese and English.

She has been a professor in the Global Business Journalism program since her arrival at Tsinghua University in 2021, teaching a popular course in public speaking. She also is a faculty supervisor for GBJ students.

Professor Kuang earned her Ph.D. from Purdue University and has won awards for her academic research. Here, she describes five assets that make Global Business Journalism a unique English language master's program:

1. EXCELLENCE                     

It has been recognized by our students and recruiters as a world-class program.

2. THE CURRICULUM                     

We have a very innovative curriculum. We keep changing this curriculum because, in our ever-changing world, demands for journalism and business are changing.

3. THE GBJ EXPERIENCE                  

This program offers very valuable learning experiences. The learning experience makes it a one-plus-one-is-larger-than-two situation. The learning experience in this program is highly enriching, not just because we have top-notch faculty but because of the students.

4. THE STUDENTS                  

We have a very diverse group of students. They are not only very diverse culturally, they are very diverse professionally. All the diversity — the cultural diversity and professional diversity — just creates such a dynamic class environment.   


Connections are really important. We have this large international network of GBJers – our network of GBJ graduates. That offers you connections across the world if you want to work in journalism.



Professor Kuang receives an award for her academic research from the ICA in 2023.