Party Honors "Show, Don't Tell" Graduates with Musical Memories

    "Show, don't tell" was the theme that brought people to the party, an annual event where Tsinghua journalism students from all classes say "hello and farewell" to graduating seniors.

    The host was Professor Lee Miller, who often uses the phrase "show, don't tell" to encourage his students to set high standards -- and use facts rather than opinions. Almost all party-goers took Miller's news-writing course as first-term freshmen. About one-third of the 50 attendees first heard the phrase in 2013 -- meaning they will soon move on to new challenges.

    Gao Xuefei and Ji Xiaoyi will each attend the master's program in integrated marketing at Northwestern University. Chen Qiuyi, who played guitar and sang "Eyes, Nose, Lips" at the party, is heading to Columbia University to study public administration. Another classmate, Jin Jiangxin, said her first impressions of Tsinghua University will last a lifetime.

    “When I was a freshman, I was fascinated by Miller’s class. He unveiled a new world of journalism,” said Jin, who will continue her media studies at New York University. “Our visit to the Bloomberg office is something I will always remember.” Miller is also editor-at-large for Bloomberg News.

    Co-hosts at the party were three teaching assistants from previous "intro to news writing" classes: People's Daily Columnist Liu Shaohua, mentor in 2012; CCTV Reporter Zhang Weijie, supervisor in 2013; and Quan Yue, tutor to the current freshmen, who performed a Bach ballad on her guitar.

    Other guests included Bloomberg Bureau Chief Ken Wills, Global Business Journalism program Co-Director Professor Hang Min and Journalism School Dean Chen Changfeng.