Li, Bin

Li, Bin

  • BA (Zhengzhou) PhD (Renmin)
  • Professor of Journalism and Communication Studies

Research Interests

Critical Theory, Journalism/Communication and Society, History and Actualities of Global Communication


History of Chinese/Western Journalism and Communication, Research on Famous Domestic and Foreign Journalists, Media Culture and the Criticism, Media and Society, Culture in Journalism, Cutting-edge Lectures on Journalism and Communication, Lectures on Academic Fundamentals.


Professor Li Bin is an Instructing Council member for Journalism Teaching and Learning of Ministry of Education, a permanent member of Chinese Society for History Study of Journalism and Communication, and an academic committee member of Information and Communication Research Center at Fudan University.

Born in Urumqi in 1959, he graduated from the Department of Chinese Language and Literature of Zhengzhou University in1982 and received his PhD in Journalism Studies at Renmin University of China in 1998. He had been Dean of Journalism and Communication Department at the Chinese Youth College for Political Sciences since 1998. After joining Tsinghua faculty in 2001, he became renowned as a welcome professor. In 2003, he was awarded the Mentor Prize.