Hu Xianzhang (Professor Emeritus)

Hu Xianzhang (Professor Emeritus)

  • BEng (Tsinghua)
  • Professor of Education and Development Strategies
  • Chairman, the Board of Trustees of Tsinghua-Nikkel Institute of Media Studies
  • Director, Centre for Sino-Russian Culture and Exchange
  • Academic Director,Committee of Institute for China-Russia Strategic Cooperation
  • Academic Director, the Asian Studies Centre

Research Interests

Ideology, Education and Communication Theory, Development Strategies


Professor Hu started his academic career immediately after his graduation from this university in 1963 with a six-year undergraduate programme of engineering.1987-1989, he involved in the nano positioning technology research in the United States.He was the Vice Secretary-General of the CCP Committee at Tsinghuaand the vice chairman of the University Steering for Humanities and Social Sciences and then elected to be the Vice President of University Council. He was the Vice Chairman of the National Guiding Committee for University Cultural Education, in which he now still remains as a senior advisor. Professor Huwas also appointed as the member of the National Steering Group for Planning of Educational Research and head of the higher education curriculum evaluation group. As a founding member of the School of Journalism and Communication, Professor Hu was the Dean of School of Humanities and Social Sciences as well as the head of early communications department. In 2002, he became the first director of Peking-Tsinghua-Higher Education Press Joint Center for University Culture and Development Studies ,now is the standing director of academic committee . Professor Hu has published dozen of books on higher education and culture of university as well as more than 100 academic papers . A number of his research projects are sponsored by the National Social Sciences Foundation and receiving national awards.