Guo, Zhenzhi

Guo, Zhenzhi

  • BA (BBI) MA PhD (Renmin University)
  • Professor of Broadcasting History

Research Interests

Television History, Media Regulating Policy, Genre and Formats of Television News


World History of the Mass Media, Television Studies


Professor Guo is the first female scholar in mainland China completed her PhD in Journalism Studies (Television) as early as in 1989 and she published the first history of Chinese television in 1991. After teaching and research for over 20 years at the prestigious Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Beijing Broadcasting Institute as from Lecturer, Associate Professor to Research Professor, as well as Directors of varied research and education programmes, Guo joined the TSJC faculty in 2004. Among her recent publications are Basics of Cultural Studies (2nd edition, 2013); Radio and Television in a Global Age (with SU, Junbin 2012); Dialects and Local media: the cases of Kunming and Yunnan TV. In Mapping Media in China: Region, Province, Locality(Edited by Wanning Sun and Jenny Choi, pp. 47-61 ROUTLEDGE, 2012); Broadcasting History: in China and across the world (2nd edition, 2008); Social Surveillance: The Limit of TV Undercover Reporter (ed., with Zhan Jiang, 2006); Focused Research on Focused Interviews (a CCTV watchdog program) (2004); Korean Culture and Communication (ed., 2004) and many journal papers, book chapters and conference presentations.

Guo is also an active scholar in many international academic activities recently in Singapore, Korea, the UK, New Zealand, Sweden, Germany, etc.