• Degrees Earned
  • BA (Seoul, Korea), MA (SMU, USA), PhD (Temple University, USA)

School Work-related History

Visiting Professor, Korea University, Tokyo, Japan (2011-present) (summer only)

Visiting Professor, School of Journalism and Communication, Beijing, China (2009-present)

Visiting Professor, Chinese Academy of Social Science (2006-2009)

Adjunct Professor, Methodist University, Seoul, Korea (2005-2006)

Senior Lecturer, Hanshin University, Seoul, Korea (2005-2006)

Research Interests

Issues of Global Power Politics, Global Economics and Military Conflict, Mainstream Media and Media Monopoly, International Relations


Professor Kiyul Chung teaches Hot Topics in the Global Economy in the Global Business Journalism Program. He also teaches Global Economics and Politics in the 21st Century (Graduate Seminar) and US Media Culture (Undergraduate Course).


While teaching at Tsinghua since 2009, Dr. Chung is also Editor-in-chief at The 4th Media in Beijing, China. The 4th Media which took its first step in September, 2010 is an independent alternative English media which is, according to global media experts, “one of the fastest growing webmedias in today’s world and the only such media from the East.” However, throughout most of his graduate studies both in Korea and US, he’d been originally trained as a (religious) philosopher. His special interests are in the areas of culture, history, religion and society in relations to the contemporary global issues such as international relations, regional and global power politics, economics and military conflicts.

In 1953, he was born in Korea and left for his graduate studies in US in 1980. For the next quarter century, he lived and worked in US where he earned his MA and Doctor of Philosophy degree. In 2005 he returned back to his home country to assume a professorship at his alma mater. However, soon after his arrival back to Asia, he was also invited by CASS in early 2006. That same year, he moved to Beijing. Ever since, he’s been teaching and continuing his new life journey in China.

He’s published 4 books (2 in English, the other 2 in Korean) since 2007 and over 100 articles, papers and speeches since mid 1990s. In China, he’s been often sitting with CCTV 9 (English) and Russian Today TV (English) since 2010. He’s considered a “lifelong grassroots political activist” for the cause of Korea’s self-determined reunification, peace and security. As a result, he’s been also deeply involved with the human liberation and global justice issues around the world.