“I've benefited a lot from the GBJ program, there's no doubt with that. This professional training not only honed my interviewing and writing techniques but also equipped me with economic knowledge that is profoundly helpful in my work. The greatest charm of the program was that it expanded the sources from which I acquire knowledge and information. Also, GBJ for me is not only about acquiring a diploma which can get me a job, but is rather about cultivating a critical attitude that will help me better make judgments or solve problems in life and work.”  –  Han Miao, Xinhuanet

“The GBJ program is the place that I started to learn basic journalism skills – interviewing, writing and most importantly, the skill to communicate with people from different backgrounds, which are essential in my career now. I also learned to think globally, and try to report on the ongoing political and economic issues in China with international perspectives.” – Stephen Tan, Bloomberg News

“Writing and news editing in English helped me a lot to feel the language. I became more professional and objective when I had to create any marketing document, media kit, press release, product announcement, etc. My class had amazing professors to teach us, all of them so very inspiring and passionate to us.” – Anastasia Koltovich, Raisecom Technology


"GBJ graduates have used the special combination of journalism and business training for career advantage. The students that interned with Bloomberg all demonstrated integrity, accuracy and the sought-after ability to use words and data with equal ease. It's no surprise that graduates of the GBJ program -- including our former interns -- are doing so well in their full-time jobs at Bloomberg, with other media companies or working in the financial services industry."
-- Bruce Grant, Managing Editor for Greater China, Bloomberg News 

Partner and funder

“As the founding international sponsor, Bank of America Merrill Lynch has been actively involved with the Tsinghua Global Business Journalism Program since its launch in 2007 and is extremely proud of achievements of the program. We’re happy to see GBJ graduates are hired by China’s top media. We are proud to be associated with this effort and to contribute to creating top-quality coverage of business and finance in the world’s fastest growing economy.”

Lisa Xue, chief administrative officer of China, Bank of America Merrill Lynch