GBJ students have opportunities to attend conferences on new media, economic development and other business topics. They benefit from meetings and discussions with guest speakers, including top editors and reporters from leading Chinese and Western news outlets as well as international business executives.

The program also benefits from its proximity to Tsinghua’s top education and research institutions, as well as to the many media and technology companies in Beijing. Internships, field trips and recruiter visits are integral parts of the program.

Guest lecturers for the year of 2017 have included:
    • Fareed Zakaria, CNN host
    • Zhou Shuhua, Tenured Professor from the University of Alabama
    • Lori Goler, vice president from Facebook
    • Ken Herman, Pulitzer winner
    • Jim Amoss, Senior journalist
    • Matt Stiles, U.S. National Economic journalist
    • Daya Thussu, professor from University of Westminster
    • James Katz, professor from Boston University
    • Zhao Yuezhi, professor from Simon Fraser University
    • Carol Lin, professor from University of Connecticut