CAO Shule

CAO Shule

  • BA MA Ph.D. (Tsinghua)

  • Associate Professor

  • Tsinghua University, School of Journalism and Communication

Research Interests

Intellectual History of European Communication Research, Film and TV Industry, Audience of TV and Film


Introduction to Radio and Television Studies


Dr. Cao earned her B.A.(1998) in English and B.A.(1999) in Publishing &Editing at Tsinghua University, and obtained her M.A.(2002) and Ph.D.(2009)in Communicationin the School of Journalism and Communication, Tsinghua University. During her Ph.D. period, she had stayed in CAMRI, University of Westminster in London as a visiting research fellowfor 18 months. Upon graduation, she received the Distinguished Graduate Student Award for Excellence in Doctoral Research in 2009. She had assumed the position of lecturer in Beijing Film Academy from 2002 to 2005 and joined the TSJC faculty in 2011.

She has published a dozen of papers in a number of leading national academic journals, most of which are CSSCI journals including Modern Communication (XiandaiChuanbo), Journal of International Communication(GuojiXinwenjie), Contemporary Cinema (DangdaiDianying),etc. Her book on the Marxism Tradition of British Media and Communication Research to be published by Tsinghua University Press is forth coming. She has also published two translations of academic books(respectively by Baron &Davis and John Hartley) and several academic papers. Meanwhile, she is the Executive Editor of Global Media Journal (Chinese edition).